Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Surprise Day Running!

My friend Rachel is the simply incredible. Not only did she help deliver Ethan (see Ethan's birth story), but she called yesterday to trade running, brought her girls and snacks, and gave me 15 beautiful minutes outside in the bright sunshine! That's true friendship. She says that she is a non-runner but she ran further than I did. I am so excited that she is enjoying running right now.
I have been injured slightly after straining my IT band when the kids were sick in the night. That particular night, Andrea vomited all over my back at 5:30 a.m. and in the hustle and bustle that followed somehow I strained my knee. It has been rough to care for three little ones in a two-story house. It has stretched me to trust the Lord and learn all I can from this experience. Mainly, that I need to be careful how I sleep with my knee, stretch more, and buy new shoes every year instead of waiting until I get injured to remember that new shoes are important. God is so patient with me and has graciously healed my knee. It felt great on the run and I was very careful to warm up and stretch. I had the same injury on the other leg right after my 2003 Columbus marathon so I knew the feeling all to well. And I am so blessed to be back running again, even in the Arctic winds and snow that we've had lately. I really enjoy running in all the seasons. I know how blessed I am to still be putting one foot in front of the other. And I am so thankful for a loving friend who supplied much needed childcare for my rowdy crew!

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  1. Thank you too! It's so nice to get out for a run in the winter. I'll be praying that you heal up from you injury soon so you can get back to those super-sonic 6 minute miles!