Sunday, May 9, 2010

Funny, Truly Bizzare Weight Loss Practices at our House

Being a mom of three rowdy, usually running children, I have often pondered how to maintain a physically active lifestyle so that I can simply catch them! And with each baby, I have struggled with the weight gain that hit like a, ahem, freight train. Here are some of the funny, tongue-in-cheek, or downright rueful ways we've maintained healthy body weights around here. You won't find these in any other publication - I promise they are highly original and all true.

In no particular order, we highly recommend these things that we've done recently.

We have driven a van with 325,000 miles until it died last November (may it rest in peace!) Then we didn't buy another one. Down to one vehicle, we enjoy walking. With a jogger stroller, we simply walk anywhere we need to go in a 2 mile radius, even in December. It was above 30 degrees, and no snow so out we go!

We have food allergies. My lips swell up like a blotched batch of botox whenever I have any kind of refined sugar. Now for my very survival, we are a sugar-free household. While we were at it, we got rid of white flour too. And since in America, sugar is in everything, we cook from scratch. Double blessing. The food is healthier and it takes extra arm strength to cook that way! My children are also allergic to corn which is also in everything including, Cheerios, Velveeta cheese, and baking powder. I wish I were kidding. Hence, we have lost tons of weight by eating one ingredient foods. I must confess, I do eat lettuce for breakfast. Often.

My babies also teeth, hard! They also sleep very little. I have lost 5 lbs in one night to simply walking, nursing, sleeping, walking, nursing, nursing, nursing... you get the idea.

Speaking of babies, I almost forgot that poor Ethan has been dairy intolerant so we discovered yummy new foods like coconut milk and oil and Keifer. Again, this nutritional change has been amazing. I lost the weight faster this time than ever before.

I also run for my sanity sake. Doesn't hurt the weight loss goal either.

We also practice elimination communication. Well, we were forced into it by a very communicative baby who demanded that his needs to use the restroom not be ignored. (We have come to believe that it is a human dignity issue.) At 2 weeks, yes, I'm serious, we started taking him to use the restroom with his big brother. He sincerely appreciated our efforts and would wait until we were in the correct position. Then, he rewarded my tromping up and down the stairs to our only bathroom with being the best, happiest baby on the face of the earth (until teeth of course). He would use the restroom between 5- 10 times per day and then we also would sometimes "miss" what he was saying which resulted in an addition 20 diaper changes. No exaggeration, I counted. He is well hydrated. So up and down the stairs -we do amazing amounts of cardio.

This is not the easy way to loose weight, I must confess. But I do believe that God has allowed these things to bring us, force us, to a place of choosing balance and health.

We have had to be done with excuses. Our night times often resemble a circus. Our life is always in some sort of upheaval. We just have come to plan on it. Someone will always be in need. We won't have any money or time to be healthy. There will always be an excuse to not take care of oneself. We have simply had to choose to slow down, take the time, expend the energy even when sleep-deprived continually, to be healthy. Then we are better equipped to respond in Christ-like ways to the whirlwind that life simply is.


  1. Oh, my beautiful sister! I praise God along with you at your amazing accomplishments, knowing that it is by His grace and strength that you run through your life, and I through mine. Thank you for your wonderful blogs - I love keeping up with you and the "fam" this way! I was looking at the picture you have of the 3 kids - the one with Andrea making a face. Reminds me of a similar pic. we took MANY years ago, with a dark pink lipstick star on our cheeks, our hair high up in ponytails and silly looks on our faces! Oh how I wish our girls lived closer together - maybe someday if God so desires. Oh how I pray He does!! Love ya! Your little sis.

  2. I am impressed - I know you do it for health reasons, but keeping sugar out of the house is a huge challenge! I've been trying to have our family eat more whole foods as well. A friend just gave me a jar of coconut oil... so I need to learn how to use it! Thanks for sharing your perspectives! I love knowing there are other mom runners out there that are trying on the nutrition front as well!

  3. To learn about coconut oil, check out and search coconut oil. I was blown away by all the uses and I've tried a ton. I can't live without it! Thanks for reading, Amy!!