Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Gift and Count Down to 10K

June 6th I will be running my first 10K in along time. I have run that far but not raced for a significant amount of time...perhaps pre-kid. I am excited after my long run of 6 miles today in 49:45 mins which is roughly an 8 min/mile pace with a strong head wind and two significant hills. My mother's day gift from my loving hubby was my hour long run. No card. No flowers. Only a long run. It was perfect! And my teething munchkin was still napping when I got home so I also got a hot shower alone. Amazing. Simply too much for a thankful heart to contain.

So for those who like numbers, here's how last week went

Monday:Sneak out early am for a quick 2 mile in 15:50 mins
Tues: Try to recover because I didn't warm up and strained my foot!
Wed:Cross train on indoor bike
Thurs:Best friend Cristy swoops in to rescue teething baby and giving mommy a 3 mile run in 25:48 and yes I took a long first warm up mile
Friday:Cross train on indoor bike with Kurt in the early am
Saurday:Windy, cold somewhat rainy but I raced a squirrel 3 miles at 27:03
Sunday:6 miles at 49:45 still windy but aaaahhh the long run!

I know after my 6 miler today that I am made for the longer distances. My minimum distance should be the 6 mile mark. I felt the best after 5 miles starting my 6th. I found my cadence and my breathing. My form was better. I had forgotten this about myself that the first miles are rather unpleasant but if I can just stick with it, I will find that place of peace and strength. I wonder if life is like that too? I'm sure the realization that I must continue to do things that I don't want to but God sets in from of me is hidden somewhere in that 6 mile run....

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