Sunday, May 8, 2011

Miracles and Half-Marathon Race Recap

Aahhh, Mother's Day. Finally, I decided to spend it how I actually wanted to this year. I bought myself a new racing watch with my husband's encouragement and ran a half-marathon yesterday. The Capital City Half-Marathon in Columbus was extremely well-done race with an excellent course, tons of bands and fans, cool finishing medal, and much needed extra porta-potties.  The course was rolling with a slightly hilly, head windy finishing 2 miles up High Street and then down to the finish by the Arena. I was so blessed to ride up with my running friend Teresa Thompson who is a veteran half-marathoner and full time nursing student. She started running when her children were almost grown and has flown by me in her # of half's under her belt. I cannot say enough how amazing it is to have a running friend who prayers and plays worship music on the way to the race. What a way to start a race!!!

I finally raced how I wanted and applied what I had learned from the full marathon in the Fall. I bought the watch with splits. I learned how to use the watch with splits - no easy task. Then, I remember to push the button, mostly, and look at the watch! It kept me from going out too fast at the beginning. The first mile flew past at around a 7 min/mile. Then, I finally settled in to just under an 8 min/mile for most of it so that I finished at my goal of 1 hour and 43 minutes for 13.1 miles (7:55 avg min/mile).  That put me at 23rd in my age group.

The amazing part of the race is that my IT band did not hurt at all. In fact, it felt strong throughout. I had strained it on a 15 mile run 3 weeks ago so badly that I couldn't walk up and down the stairs.  My loving husband prayed and the pain disappeared. I do not pretend to know all that God does or how, but I do know that immediately after Kurt prayed, the pain was gone. It has not come back. Being the sinful, skeptic that I tend toward, I worried about pushing it in a race. Kurt prayed again. I prayed to overcome my unbelief. Then, I had no choice but to test it. I ran and reached my goal pain free. There is a God in Heaven can be my only logical conclusion!

Misc. Funny / Serious Notes on racing so that I do not forget: Prepare the night before, do not worry about sleep, trust God for each step, remember to push the button for splits, shea butter, almond oil, and coconut oil for anti-chaffing, worship music on the way, run only one mile at a time, tell yourself these miles are short and someone did not measure right! Enjoy every step -I remember clearly the beautiful songs of birds crisp in the middle of the city. Even when I do not think I have the faith to keep going, I must choose to run anyway.  

Anyone have Spring/ Summer running goals to share?

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