Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving! (Forward and Otherwise)

Please forgive the quiet. I have required much more quiet lately due to the whirlwind in our lives. We closed on our new home this week, that will be much quieter (outside of town) and much louder (the children will be able to yell without waking our renters in the other side of the duplex).  Hence, I have needed phone quiet, both are on the fritz anyway, and computer quiet. And lots of running quiet. I have decided, with the encouragment of my husband coach, that I will not pursue a full marathon this fall. Instead, I am going to work on getting my half-marathon time under 1:40. At that time, I will be in good position to BQ someday at 3:30 (or 3:40 if I wait till I'm 35!).  With moving and other family goals, I will be needed in other areas and running must flex with the times. I must admit that I am apprehensive about changing my much loved 5 mile loops around our home. I do not like country dogs. And I especially dispise getting lost in the middle of nowhere. However, the trade-off is alluring. Open roads, clean air, and hills. Lots and lots of hills. Sweet running goodness.

So how is your summer running/fitness goal progressing? Any one looking for a great half-marathon training plan? Columbus is October 16th.......I'd love to have company!

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  1. So exciting that you're moving out in the country! Would love to see pics of the new house!