Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Running in the Country!

We barely have Internet out here in the sticks, so I do not have photos of the new house yet. But I did get to go for a run for the first time on a rainy Sunday morning. I met exactly 3 cars, 5 dogs, 6 roosters, 1 little old man with the dogs, and lots and lots of trees. Aahhh, summer rain and lots of trees are incredible! The air is different here. The run was not near long enough but I had to be satisfied. How could I complain? I wasn't being almost flattened by semi-trucks as on my previous running routes. I ran to an Amish farm and back, just to give you a clue, we are in a different place! The transition has been, ahem, a transition. But I now have a very clean, cool basement to run in with my bike, treadmill, weights, and a pre-existing chin up bar. How could I ask for more? I am truly blessed. The kids have a play area where I can see them while I run, and the whole house does not shake. I do not have to hide my treadmill behind my front door and bloody my fingers trying to roll it into the kitchen just to use it safely. Amazing blessings we have been given. A clean, dry basement. Is it wrong to buy a house just for the basement to run in? And my children have a pre-made running trail through the woods that circles the house. My little runners are in their element here. They run everywhere for any reason...so much to see and do! In this transition, I am trying to keep my routines that keep me healthy and sane. I have had to compromise on the length of running that I wanted but I am pleased to say that I have kept running. Sometimes, it is 10-15 mins on the treadmill, but it is still worth it.

Any one have ideas on running through transition times? I have never been good at this! Oh, and what about country dogs? Help! Pictures of the new place will hopefully come soon!

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