Saturday, June 5, 2010

Columbus 10K Tomorrow!!

I'm more than a little behind in my blogging since we have been traveling, teething, and renovating, but, as my mother reminded me, I must post my upcoming race on my blog! Gasp!

Tomorrow is the Columbus 10K. I'm hoping for a sub 50 min race. I did my marathons is 2002 and 2003 so I confess that my first love and passion is the marathon. A 10K is just a means to an end - the end being qualifying for the Boston marathon, (hopefully more than once).

Herein lies the dilema, or actually the challenge. I missed Boston qualifying time by 7 minutes in 2003. I had our daughter Andrea via c-section 10 months later. Two more babies (born VBAC & HBAC) by present day 2010 does not leave much room for marathon training. And I still dream of Boston. I want my daughter and sons to see me chase a dream and achieve it. I want them to have the same tenacity with their dreams, even when facing the impossible. I want them to do the impossible. We teach them that in our family, we do not say, "I can't." With Christ's help, we can.

And so tomorrow, I plan to run my first 10K towards a half-marathon race later in the summer. A half-marathon working towards a marathon to qualify for Boston, a dream that seems so far away but comes only one step at a time.

Tonight, I am setting out my running clothes but also running clothes and shoes for Andrea and Nathan as they run the children's race. They have been practicing in the backyard for weeks. Nathan teases me, "Grown-ups are slow!" Not tomorrow, my sweet son. I cannot wait for them to enjoy the thrill of racing and to see their faces at the finish of my race. Unbelieveable joy...worth every step.

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  1. Good luck today! I'm running Chicago on 10/10 and it will be my first marathon, completely a challenge with a 3 year old around (much less 3 kids!)! No plans to qualify for Boston, but it will be an awesome enough accomplishment just doing it - good luck today!