Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tomorrow is Marathon Day!

Kurt with a very little bear!

Tomorrow is the Columbus Marathon. I ran it 7 years and 3 children ago.  I would like to think a lot has changed since then. Seven years ago, I was comuting to Columbus to a coporate job that I almost hated. We had just moved in our duplex and I think I was still washing dishes in the bathtub because we were remodeling the kitchen. Kurt was doing youth ministry full time and working crazy hours. Now, I have a job that I absolutely love, homeschooling our three children. We are still finishing our duplex but I am not washing dishes in the bathtub but I am seriously considering it (all the dishes would fit rather nicely...add children...close the curtain and let the splashing begin...perhaps all would come out a little cleaner!).  Kurt is still doing ministry but of a different kind with an informal guys group and ministry to his co-workers. He is working at UPS as a driver which has been a tremendous opportunity to see the Lord work. And he has been a iron-willed supporter and active participant in my marathon training. He helped plan our schedule to get each of the three runs in per week. He checked on my progress and has prayed dilligently for my safety, strength, and success. He has coached me through the mental aspects of racing. He truly has taken this journey as his own and I am eternally grateful.

My crazy kids

My yummt greens!
All the little things that are different are extremely refreshing. Running only three days a week and cross-training two days has been a huge relief. I have been able to be more consistent and run faster than I have ever run in my life. I eat tons better now as God has lead us in a journey toward whole foods and natural living (due to severe food allergies, He has gently given us NO other options).  I weigh, according to my voodoo jumped-on by small people scale, about 13 pounds less than I did pre-kid, seven years ago. Not that I am real concerned with the accuracy of the scale but that numbers help make my case to myself that I should be able to run faster.

The big things that are different are helpful too. I have found new paths of trust with Christ. I have found that at the end of my strength I can raise my hands in worship, ask for help, and then run faster. I believe Mother Teresa's decription of a simple path that silence leads to prayer. I have enjoyed the silence of the open road and the prayer that comes with it.
Back from one of my long runs!
Now, I'm getting ready for the big day tomorrow.  I am thankful to Jesus for each step of the 26.2 miles...

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