Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teething, Boogers, and a 5 mile Run in the Rain

Teething should be the worse curse word in the English language. These mysterious white bumps in my cherub's mouth have transformed him into a screaming, boogery, non-sleeping mess. Enter my intense need for a very long run!

After 4 days of sleepless nights and clingy, screaming days, I needed a break. My always wise husband said, "I don't know what to do for you. Please just go for a run!" I quickly exited and after exactly 7 mins 28 seconds, the rain started. No thought of turning around even entered my mind. It was a light, warm Spring rain but with a very strong head wind. Even better. Running frustrated with a good head wind can be exceedingly satisfying.

I wasn't frustrated about the teething so much. I knew these days would come. This is our third baby; not our first teething rodeo! I was actually upset about all the things that didn't seem to be working out. I was so angry I wouldn't greet anyone on the bikepath; I merely frowned. I wish the happy squirrels a quick and sudden death for no reason at all. I was angry. My list to God was long. About 2 1/2 miles actually. We discussed it as I ran. The list of things that I had wanted to happen but didn't, the things I couldn't find, the paths of life that seem to be unclear...I piled it higher and deeper to God. And then about mile 3, a small tiny rememberance of thankfulness crept in. God had recently healed our college friends' son, Silas from a terrible illness. My three, though screaming, were all healthy. A year ago, I did not know if I would hold my Ethan as the dangers of a home birth after a c-seciton loomed ahead of me. Now, a year later, I have held my precious child until my arms felt like they would fall off. Every moment is precious. I still needed a mile-long, steep hill, up West Fair Avenue to Sheridan before I was ready to turn around and come home. The rain tappered off; my frustration scattered all over 5 hard miles. I ran it in 39 mins 28 seconds which is approximately an 8 min mile pace. As I walked in the door, I kissed my loving husband and told him, "It's o.k. now I'm back to thankfulness."

The screaming hasn't stopped yet, and there are no teeth even through, but I have still remembered the sweet, gentle way God has brought me to thankfulness. He did not answer or change any of my complaints; He didn't need to. He simply loved me with a warm Spring rain and a very long run.


  1. Hi Michelle! What a beautiful post! This really encourages me to go out running again. After Baby´s birth I just concentrated on the uncomfortable stuff connected with running (sweaty, muddy, cold etc.) - now I am reminded by you that it has a powerful spiritual side too! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Magdalena for your comments, I pray you enjoy every moment with your sweet baby and that you are able also to enjoy being outdoors - maybe not running yet but walking is great too - whenever you are ready. Blessings to you!