Friday, October 22, 2010

Marathon Memories

Day 5 of recovery I'm finally ready to write about the Marathon. After so much build up, it is hard to describe what the race was like. Well, it was 26.2 miles! And it was fantastic. The follow are several of my reasons why I adore the marathon:

  • I did not have to talk and no one thought I was rude (only one nice gentleman spoke to me, and I did provide one short answer)
  • No one asked me questions
  • 100,000 people that I do not eve know cheered and yelled wonderful, encouraging things to me! All just because I was running, silly and amazing.
  • People handed me water and yummy clif shots if I wanted, catering to my every whim
  • Bands played, people sang, children laughed and cheered
  • Fireworks marked the start
  • Port-a-potties everywhere and clean ones at that! Aaaahhh, so wonderful.
  • I threw my trash on the ground and volunteers cheerfully picked it up for me
  • Policemen kept traffic away from me, such luxury.
For one morning, one amazing, incredible 3 hours and 45 minutes, I was a celebrity, a queen in my kingdom. Of course, there are a few side things that were less than lovely...the miles from 15-25 which were ALL UPHILL with only 2 downhills, one of which was to the finish. I had prepared for the hills from 15-21 but I did not know that there were 4 more miles of hills waiting for me. After all those hills, even this celebrity queen momma was ready to be done. And the fact that I cramped up hard after crossing the finish line and I could only helplessly sit next to a polite, vomiting gentleman and another lovely young man who ran the whole way barefoot. Yikes.  The National guard came and asked me if I needed assistance. No, I said with a smile, I'm just fine. Then, my knight in shining armor came to my rescue; Kurt came through the crowds to help me and to take me to our children who were waiting with my mom away from the crowds. My youngest bear decided that all this excitement was too much and he desperately needed to nurse. Under my marathon blanket, he snuggled, and the extreme muscle cramping stopped. People smiled and said nice things as I walked carrying my little guy and wearing my finisher's medal proudly. Today was my day...truly a blessing from the Lord to have come 7 years, 3 children later and to PR with a time of 3:45 mins cutting over 2 minutes off my previous time.  I know that I have been blessed by Christ above and beyond what I deserve.


  1. I really loved the way you described the marathon. I have never run a full (several half's), but I never thought about all the same aspects you you were a queen or celebrity for that time. I like your attitude, and I love that you give credit to your faith. There are many runs that I spend with the Lord.

    There's something awesome, natural, and maternal about a woman just finishing a marathon, and nursing her little one. How precious.

    Great job on your PR!

  2. Way to go! So awesome that you nursed your little guy right afterward. I am training/hoping to run a full in March. My running partner and I were talking the other day about how God truly is the only way we manage to finish some of our runs. He picks 'em up - we put 'em down! I love all your photos, too. You look so happy:)