Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marathon Running: Gems for the Journey

Ethan lovingly helping with my shoes.
I want to remember these gems that I have found from marathon training. I run the Columbus Marathon October 17th.

-It is no longer about running a marathon. The point is now that I must learn to trust God everyday to do things that I do not think I am capable of doing. And truth be told, I do not particularly always want to do this. I see Him give me the resolve to simply obey and do the work that He has put in front of me (today it was 7 miles is 8:23 min / miles). 

-When all my strength is completely spent, I will find more. Always. Because my Source never runs dry.
I raise my hands when I am empty and run several steps like I'm winning Boston. But it is worship to my King who faced a cross for me. The least I can do is offer small obediences. I know the walkers at the fairgrounds think I'm nuts. I look like a charismatic running to the altar at a tent meeting. I'm o.k. with that analogy.

-I need to run with my shoes laced very loosely. My feet need to feel the pavement and move around in my shoes. This has helped all my calf and IT band discomfort disappear.  It also reminds that I am created to run.

-I pray that I run fearlessly. Too many years of my life have been spent in fear of what I could not do or of what God might ask me to do. Each time I run faster and further than I ever have before, my faith grows ever so slightly.  I am running to leave all my fears behind so that by the time the marathon comes, I can run without fear.

-I run so that I can pray for the people that I see and for my whole city. God knows that I have run around it alot lately and I might as well pray for absolutely everyone. This has stretched me. I prayed for the sex offender who lives down the street, for the horrible neighbor who screams the f-bomb at his precious children, for the rich who look down on me because I still live in a duplex. It makes me cringe.  At my own sin and the sins of others. Honesty is always a little uncomfortable. Running doesn't leave any room for false pretenses. I simply do not have strength left to lie to myself or God when I'm running. It is freeing and a little scary.

These are the gems that I am gathering along my long routes through this marathon training. Thanks for following along...


  1. It was really nice reading this! It reminded me what I used to do on those long, long, runs! Very refreshing and I felt a spark rise up in me again to go out and run. Thank you! I just need to get Bryan on board with letting me out the door without the children!!!!!! Pray for me!

  2. Oh! Ethan is so cute. I giggle when I see his pic. But by the way thanks for sharing your story. :D