Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bulk Food Cross Training

Yes, the sprint of life has continued with sickness and taxes (which are now sent) and bulk food purchasing. I'm so thankful that I was able to get to Jo-Ads in McConnesville for bulk grain purchases. In addition to my friend Jessica and my three children, we piled 475 lbs of grains into my trusty van and swerved through the foothills of Ohio home. Then, we piled all the grains to where they needed to go and that, I must confess to you, is all I did on Thursday for cross training. I then ate myself silly on the first wheat-free bread that actually tasted good. I did not get on the scale this morning. I run a short 14 miles tomorrow...hopefully.

For Jessica and those of you who ever want to purchase in bulk and join my cross-training here are the following measurements for storage:

50lbs of rolled oats - fits 3 5-gallon buckets and 3 quart jars
25 lbs of millet - fits 1 5 gallon buckets
25 lbs of spelt berries - fits 2 5 gallong buckets
50 lbs of rice - approx 2 5 gallon buckets
25 lbs of buckwheat fit 1 5 gallon bucket
25 lbs of barely fit 1 5 gallon bucket



  1. WOW! How long does that food last your family?

    Hubz and I were arguing this week over who ate all the oatmeal. We get the jumbo container but it runs out within a week!

  2. Holly, for our small family of five, we bulk order about every six months and that works out to be about 25 lbs of grains per adult per 6 weeks or 8 in the summer b/c we eat more fruits and veggies. Give or take LOL They grow fast and since we are all "runners!" we sure do eat alot of food!