Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sugar-Free for Grown-Ups

I dislike being sick. When I get sick, I cannot function. This is what my kitchen looks like - or worse!  Nothing goes well when I am down. I always have struggled with colds. Always. Until this year when I was convicted that I needed to be free of my sugar addiction (let's call it what it is!). I finally decided to ask for help from God. I knew that if I asked two things would happen a) He would help me and b) I'd actually have to do my part.  Both scary prospects.  I seriously take it one day at a time.

Here's what I've found that has helped me transition from a life centered around sugar to freedom from being sick and addicted (and maybe I'm getting caught up on dishes, too!).

- Do keep other items you like in the house and remove all tempting sugar. Just do not buy it! Here's what we buy instead.

Whole milk yogurt with the cream on top
steel cut oats
coconut milk for smoothies
dates (makes sure they are plain and not covered in sugar...they are sweet enough that just one will satisfy for a sweet snack with almonds)
frozen blueberries
homemade energy bars (made by my mom! yummy)
apples and sugar-free peanut butter
***current favorite - tahini with coconut oil and stevia (great as a fruit dip or just plain).
tons of fruit and veggies to dip in the yogurt or tahini like carrots, bananas, frozen strawberries, raspberries, mangos, pears, arugula, raw spinach, cucumbers, radishes. We go crazy in the produce section at Krogers and we do NOT even venture into the rest of the store. I let the kids pick out one new item a week. That keeps me trying new things. We had pomegranates this week. Different but yummy!

Key point: Combine your new list of sweet things with good fats and protein ex: coconut oil, nuts, oatmeal. You will feel more satisfied and less hungry. The good kinds of fat will NOT make you gain weight when eaten in moderation.

Since going sugar-free, my taste buds and sense of smell have intensified dramatically.  My health has been stronger than ever. I am able to handle sleep-less night of teething children and marathon training much easier than I ever did before.  I still get sniffles; I still struggle. But I will never go back to living addicted and enslaved to sugar. The  freedom and strength God has given to me is far too precious. Blessings for your journey....

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