Monday, September 20, 2010

Sugar-free kids

My sweet friend, Cristy, made cupcakes for her daughter's birthday (above...isn't the crew too adorable with their princess friends) that were special for my kids. She is always on the hunt for good ideas for me. She has used baby food fruit or applesauce.  I thought that was an ingenious idea, especially in a quick baking pinch for a variety of recipes. I have used copped prunes. Fruit does have sugar in it, but is still the best choice comparative to white sugar, which should not even be in the home. Please do not even purchase it at all due to its poisonous nature.

The impact of sugar on children is widely talked about today with the rise of AHAD and behavioral problems. Sugar, of any kind including honey, maple syrup, and even fruit sugars, can disrupt the endocrine system when used in excess. Read author Nancy Appleton's 141 reasons that sugar is poisonous at  About a teaspoon per day is what she recommends for a serving for a healthy person. I have tested with our children and they can tolerate this well, but no more.  We have found ways to encourage our children to make healthy choices and be sugar-free kids by offering yummy healthier alternatives.

Here is a list of some of the things we do instead of sugar:
Stevia extract (but watch out for ones with "natural flavors" in them...I called Truvia and they would not tell me what "natural flavors" are!)
Frozen bananas
Carob pudding - recipe to come
Blue berries with Snowville Creamery Whipping cream (again do not buy the kind with additives!Yuck!)

Taste buds do change with going cold turkey off sugar. I have been completely shocked at the incredible tastes that I now enjoy because I do not eat refined sugar. What kinds of foods have you tried to improve your family's eating habits? What things would you like to change about how your family eats?

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