Monday, January 16, 2012

Running in the House

No matter what the size your home, it is worth it to allowing running in the house. Now, I know that many people are completely against running indoors, but I watched my never-quit-moving 5 year old and realized that  it is pretty much impossible for him to stop moving. He runs every where. To deny him the ability to run to the kitchen, or any where, is to truly step on his air hose. How well I understand his dilemma! So to solve the problem of small home, multiple running people constantly causing major crashes, we have decided to get rid of more "stuff" and let the running continue. Controversial, I know. Welcome to our life. We want tons of kids and as little stuff as possible. We make due with what we have and love to have the sound of running in the house, which is much louder in our home now with all hardwood floors. We chose an older log home because of its layout and design that makes playing and running possible. I highly recommend giving thought to physical surrounding because design truly does matter to children and families. We believe in life-long fitness so our home reflects that. We have an indoor track, aka a basement where I can put the treadmill and the children do laps around the furnace to "keep up with mommy." The other day my 5 year old ran a good clip for 45 minutes straight. He gets it honest. As we watched the Olympic marathon trials Saturday, we couldn't help but dream. I promised him Daddy and I would teach him everything we know about running. With his little impish grin, he said, "yeah, and then I'll learn more!" That's my boy! Until then, we will allow running in the house, for all the right reasons. Living a simple life I believe honors our Savior, who mostly likely, would've enjoyed the sound of children running, especially as they run to Him.

Blessings as you run!

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