Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Runners Info

My Ethan enjoys my new running shoes and so do I! I'm so happy my dear friend "His-follower" asks me good questions so that I can write articles about what I've been thinking. Beginnings are important. New to running? What equipment you need to start running is the easy part. Doing it is the challenge...

Equipment: Total Cost approx. $120

I recommend spending the money on good running shoes. Even if your cross-training shoes are not that old or even brand new, please learn from my mistakes and injuries! Please purchase new running shoes.  My new recommendation is to purchase Brooks. They have a 30 day wear replacement. See for details. I bought my from Finishline and paid over $100 for the Brooks Adrenaline. They are worth every penny. It's like running on pillows.

I also recommend good socks, whatever kind is comfy for you. Sunglasses for me are a must but the best racing ones I've ever owned were $5 from Odd Lots. My running clothing is from garage sales. Sports bras for the female runner are vital but Walmart brands are usually sufficient. A stop watch is fun but not necessary unless you love numbers like I do. You see where I'm going with this...use your very limited funding for your shoes. Please.  Skimp on everything else.

Other prepartion: Run Less Run Faster by Pierce published through Runner's World is an excellent resource that talks about setting realistic goals for new as well as experienced runners. It provides a 3 day a week running schedule with 2 days for cross training. So far, I'm hooked!

How to Start: One foot in front of the other. There are finer points of form but the most important thing about getting started is STARTING.  Find a route that you like, neighborhood, bike path, or park. Drive it so you know how far it is. Then run. Once you are running, do not give up if it is awkward, uncomfortable or downright embarassing. (It is still all that for me even after years of running. The first mile is always rough!).  Feel free to walk but then try to run again. Don't give up.  Movement is vital. We were created for this, to live and move and have our being in Him.

Blessings as you run....

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