Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living Simply; Running Faster

I am always looking for friends to share ideas about reducing inventory in our homes and my cousin Emily at is having a challenge this month to re-evaluate our relationship with stuff. I'm all ears. Please check out Emily's blog asap as she has a tremendous amount of information and encouragement. Simplicity is of tremendous importance in our home. Getting rid of stuff means that I have more time to do what I enjoy - chasing my children without guilt or tripping!

I am also planning to run faster this month as I start the FIRST traning program. It is outlined in a book called Run Less Run Faster by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss (published by Runner's World).  It is an incredible and thorough book about running healthier, smarter, and faster. I highly recommend this book for new and experienced runners alike. Since I have gotten rid of more junk, I am free to pursue running with a purpose (I'm not cleaning in the basement all the time!). I hope to compete in the Columbus 10K in June.

Please join me in getting rid of stuff and starting running goals for this Spring...what are your goals to reduce clutter and keep moving forward?

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  1. I'm hoping to spring clean this year, which should help reduce clutter. (After all, you have to move it to clean behind it, right?)

    I'd like to start running. The sunshine is encouraging. What does your new book suggest for a new runner?