Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday Run

We have had a lot of transition and things to think about at our house lately. That's why I needed to run. Kurt gave up his Sunday afternoon nap so that I could run. Now that's love. The snow was deep but had melted just enough to make our local bike path accessible. As I set out on my run, I felt my IT band tighten up. I stopped to stretch and wondered how long this run would actually be. I need to stretch more in cold weather but I'm still finding a balance.

Balance is a good word that I haven't done well with in my life. I am balancing home-making, home-schooling, running, writing, serving my family and my God and honestly I'm not very good at any of the above. But I'm learning. And running has helped me keep the perspective of one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it is truly about just continuing forward. That's what my run was about today. Moving forward.

I passed the small river and covered bridge on the bike path. I ran passed kids sledding. I ran beside mountains of snow on low tree-lined hills. Amazingly, by the hand of God, my IT band stretch and relaxed. Four and half miles later I had some clarity and some balance. Praying as I run is my best and humblest form of worship. I can worship God in His creation best while moving through it.

May you run the race set before you always toward Him.....

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