Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lies Feminism has told us...and running blogs that annoy me

Raising children invariably has led me to a review of American culture. Partially to answer the never ending questions from my kids and partially to sort out my own thoughts about being a woman in our culture. I believe that feminism has propogated a tremendous lie, and I see it even in the many women's running blogs that I read. The lie is that our significance comes from what we do. Subtle. Sinister. Stealing joy and precious lifetimes from people. We are significant not because of our careers or our marathon times but because we are loved. We are the beloved of Christ, so much that He died to rescue us.

I see the lies of feminism saying to women, "you must compete in the coporate world" or " you must get your master's degree."  I read women's running blogs that say "It's all about ME."  I hear the man at the bank say to me with a small sneer, "what do you do?" And often I fall into its trap! I rage to Kurt that people don't respect what I do.

Yes, we do define ourselves on surface level by what we do but when we find our worth and purpose there, we are wrong. I am coming to believe that we, as several generations of women, have been dreadfully. disasterously wrong.  We have sacrificed and worked hard at what we "do" to gain the respect we desire. We have demanded "equality" without understanding the love of our Savior who washed our feet. We have competed with each other in athletics or social areas to make ourselves feel better when we should have been secure in His love and been busy washing feet...starting with the feet of our own husbands and children. Our family is our primary mission field.  Feminism has pushed a big fat lie upon us. And for far too long we have believed it.

Scripture gives us clarity to discern such lies and the freedom to live as His beloved. We should and do have the freedom to "bloom" where He has planted us. We simply need to choose to open our petals and sink our roots deep into what Jesus says about us.

Thus after struggling with this for quite awhile...years... I have some clarity. And a little rebellious-against-our-culture resolve. Please join me in enjoying my tasks, however seemingly menial, as unto Christ. I am happy to be loved by Him. I will not believe the lies any longer. I am going to run, not to beat other people so I can feel better, but because I believe I am made to be a runner. I truly enjoy it. And when I run with others, I will run my hardest and encourage them to run as well to His glory.

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