Friday, March 26, 2010

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

My crew have been on a hilarious streak lately and I have had the request to write about them here. Sometimes, laughter is definitely the best medicine to my far too serious musings. The following are just a few of the one or two-liners that have just brought down the house.

Nathan: (While sitting at lunch with Kurt's father Grandpa Marv) Grandpa you don't have have any hair! But you kinda do around your ears.

Wow, what do you say to that? Then he suggested that Grandpa wear a hat so that no one would see his head (our recent talk about modesty turned very wrong!).

Andrea: (While holding a Star Wars book from my childhood) Mommy, I am going to read you a story. It's called "Don't push buttons in airplanes!" Hmmmm. Very perceptive.

Ethan: (While not able to speak clearly yet, he does his fair share) Ethan loves the dishwasher and everytime it opens relentless races to climb in. However, he also eats dirt. Then, the older two yell, "Look Mom he's eating dirt just like Uncle Jonathon! (who had eaten dirt as a baby and ended up with half a worm in the dirt clod. Yumm.)

Andrea: "Can I have a giraffe for a pet?" Mommy:  "Where will he sleep?" Andrea: "Upstairs with ME!"
Of course I can't remember the rest, but it has been superbly funny and as they are crying and fussing for another funny story I must close....


  1. Playing doctor at YOUR house:

    Kid-doctor: How can I help you?
    Mom-patient: I think I have a frog in my throat
    Kid: Open your mouth.
    Mom: Aaaah
    Mom: What's your treatment, doctor?
    Kid comes close to Mom: Open up again please! (whispers in her mouth) come out ...

  2. That was the best - couldn't have captured it better. Almost fell down laughing. She's amazing!