Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Little Mess Makers

I must confess I was not at all prepared for the tremendous amount of mess and fun children have brought to our lives. Here Andrea and Nathan decided to dress up in Daddy's clothes - all over the house!!! Seriously, why play with toys when Daddy's t-shirt drawer exists! And the chicken hat from our youth group ministry days is far to nice of an accent piece to pass up.

Although I truly enjoy the fun, I struggle constantly with the mess part. And now Ethan is combat crawling, close to walking, and starting his own masterpieces of messes. I have decided that this year I am going to PRETEND that I am moving. We're not but it's fun to pretend anyway and be able to get rid of stuff in the vain attempt to limit the sheer number of items that can be spread all over the floor.

So, in since the first of the year, inspite of a month of boogery noses, I have eliminated from our house and basement, 22 bags of stuff. These are the black 30 gallon garbage bags. This does not count trash and bags 23 and 24 are leaving today bringing our total to 24 bags of stuff gone! I feel tons lighter and can actually walk through my basement to find things. This has been mostly clothing, duplicates, or otherwise useless stuff that we have no reason to keep any longer. Please, rejoice with me as we are now 24 bags closer to being ready to move - whenever that may be!

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