Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not Sleeping is Not Fun

Little man was a champion sleeper until molars hit!
I am can write this now that I have had one good night of sleep. If you can sleep every night, without problems, interruptions, or sleeplessness, this post is not for you. If, however, for reasons which are abundant, you may have interruptions to your slumber, feel free to keep reading. You are welcome here!
I have come to the fact that if you are a caregiver, whether for aging people or small new people or ill, needy people, you may not sleep well every single night. In fact, even when the person that you are serving is sleeping, you may not be. This list is for me and for you.

Notes to myself about not sleeping:
  • Do not play with knives or power tools, drive cars long distance or be around people who make you mad!
  • Scrimp on things - my current favorite is putting wet dishes straight back onto the dinner table (I have even put them back in the cupboard - gasp - Truly, it doesn't matter)
  • Try not to talk about sleep first thing in the morning, especially with someone who HAS SLEPT. It doesn't go well. Realize this is only a season, very short in the grand scheme of things
  • Listen to God in the night. Amazing what He will put on the heart when all the other distractions are quiet!
  • Run anyway. This one is vitally important to me as a runner. I realized that I could run, and run pretty fast, even when I have not slept for days. Prior to the Columbus Marathon this fall, little runner had a cold. I ran the marathon on one good night of sleep plus a head cold. PR'd at 3:45:11 - it can be done. I need to remember that. 
  • Be relentlessly, ridiculously positive. Really, being thankful is amazingly helpful.
  • Lower expectations, cancel everything you can weasel out of, and just be satisfied if you get horizontal at least once per day.
  • Don't schedule any visits from high-maintenance relatives
  • Eat yummy raw, green food every meal - yes for breakfast (green smoothies baby all the way!)
  • Start preparing in the morning for the next night, restock supplies, get rid of trip and fall hazards, etc. 
  • Get checked out for a sleep disorder if you truly cannot sleep well for an extended period of time. This has been very helpful to my brother, and is very important as serious medical conditions can be the cause.
And enjoy every moment that you can with the ones that you love, even if it is that terrible hour of 3 am.
Blessings for a good night's sleep!  (But if you are awake, do not worry, I am probably still awake too.)

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  1. "Be relentlessly, ridiculously positive." That's the one that stands out most, probably because I need to work on it. I'm also learning that it's no good to complain about loss of sleep--especially to cry it out parents who don't see the value in the choice to attend to your child. It's hard to be counter cultural with your kids, but worth it. So, being positive is a good idea!