Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Running: 5K Race Results

Well, the official results are not in yet from United Way but the unofficial time was 24:20 (6 months post-baby) which beat last year's time of 26:25 (12 weeks pregnant see last year's photo). Still, I didn't feel like I ran a smart race. Too fast at the start, and I know better! I was beat out at the end by a running friend, Jessica, who received 2nd in our age group and I received 3rd. Lovely weather, a fun time, and a great first race "back." More photos to follow of this year's race.
Congrats to co-runners Teresa Thompson and Sam Ridenour both with excellent, strong times!
The highlight of the day, however, was watching Andrea and Nathan run in the 200 meter kids Fun Run. Their friends Ella, Ben, and Sophie came to join them. What a joyful time watching young legs and bright smiles race all the way to the finish! Kurt graciously cheered, took pictures, and carried a sleeping, happy Ethan in the K'tan carrier the whole time. He deserves a medal for that as Ethan is a huge 18 pounds. He'll be running with Daddy, Mommy, and siblings very soon.
We praise Jesus for health and strength! We are truly grateful and blessed.


  1. I just found your blog! I've never allowed myself to be called a runner...I've always wanted to though! :-) This Thanksgiving my husband and I ran our 3rd race together (and when I say race I mean SLOW jog--but I always finish!). Any tips for a newbie runner with sore ankles and no time on my hands?!? Or tips for running in cold weather? I blog at God be the glory!

  2. Congrats Lisa on your race! 3 races you can definitely call yourself a runner! It's all in how you decide to view running; times are silly and secondary. Sore ankles however are not silly. Shoes, shoes, shoes is all I can say. It is worth saving up for and spending the money to find a pair that work for your feet. Go to a special running shoe store and have them work with you. It will take a while, but is worth the time. The stores at the mall do NOT count. Then, see how your ankles feel. I always try to vary where I run surface - wise. Grass is softest but uneven, so be careful. Also, if it doesn't get better see a sports doctor or chiropractor. Tips for no time, I'm still working on that....and cold weather... I really like to run in the winter. I have one underarmour long sleeve shirt that I use. I always recommend stretching and warming up especially in cold weather. My one injury from my marathon, a strained IT band, is always sensitive still 5 years later in the cold. Always be careful and take it slow. Racing season and warm weather will come, but it is always worth the effort just to get out there even if it is only for 10 -15 minutes. One foot in front of the other and breathe deep. It's very worth it! Blessings as you run!