Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Raising Kids: Living Simply

I hesitate to even write this post considering the condition of my basement. That is my disclaimer, but since this is my journey and convictions here goes....

We have a motto, Kurt and I, that makes us laugh but is so true..."more kids and less stuff is better than less kids and more stuff!" How twisted our culture has become when we build huge homes for stuff and not for children. And I am so guilty of placing too much value on material things. Here is what God convicted me of when I prayed in drowning desperation about the sheer volume of stuff in our modest home and family of five - I have over-estimated our need and drastically under-estimated God's provision. I am saving things " in case." Instead, I need to view our home as a distribution center in God's economy. God sends "stuff" to share! He wants me to use it for His kingdom purpose and GIVE it away.

My sin. Pure and simple reason that we have too much stuff. Hard to face, but freedom is found in repenting. I want to raise my children to be free in plenty and in need. I want to remember the Lord here in the promise land and not turn to worthless idols. I want to travel through this life lightly without the emotional burdens of material items.

I am not there yet.....I do have two large black (note not see-through) garbage bags for our local charity waiting in the basement. And I'm learning. So please post comments as to how you and your family have dealt with the issue of material possesions! I'd love more ideas!

Future Articles include "practical tips to living in simplicity with children" and "stuff you need with kids and stuff you don't!
****Special thanks to my facebook Answer-givers who have helped me sort through "stuff" :)


  1. My husband and I are in a small group at our church and occasionally for a fun activity we all bring items/clothing/etc. that we no longer need! Its a big swap-up and usually people get rid of things and needs are met. Its pretty exciting! :-)

  2. A thought. A distribution center requires items to COME IN in order to GO OUT. We can't give what we don't have. So receiving is a large part of giving in God's economy. Ahem.

    My only advice (since I am mostly the opposite, in that I want to have nothing excess and that's not right either) is this: when looking at an object, or weighing it's importance, I say to myself first "Who needs this MORE?" and move it along if necessary.