Friday, February 5, 2010

EC in the real rowdy world of our house

Here is my happy, handsome Ethan! He's wearing babylegs and Gerber 2T underpants - dry by the way! When people hear that I take my 8 month old to the restroom when he needs to go, they are usually surprised - understandable in our culture. I traveled to India for a missions trip and I must say I never say any of the sweet babies wearing diapers. Think "no trash pick up or washing machines." This is the most green and natural, cost-saving option that I have for taking care of an infant that has been practiced throughout the world. And in spite of what critics and feminist skeptics say, it is TONS easier to help Ethan use the restroom, than it is to change and wash or throw out a diaper.

We went through an entire church experience this Sunday with no wet diapers. Luxury! I'm hooked! He simply used the restroom when I took his older brother (and two other times). Here's how this works for us. Whenever he wakes up, he uses the restroom. Nothing out of the ordinary here. We ALL do that! Whenever we get ready to leave, we all use the restroom, Ethan included. Whenever we get the idea. At each change of scenery and after each meal, he uses the restroom. Seriously, it is very simple and easy. Sometimes he doesn't need to go but eventually he will and so off we go.

Right now our greatest fun is when Nathan announces a boy's potty-run and bolts upstairs to "beat" his younger brother to the potty. Both boys squeal and laugh as they race to the bathroom. I must say it is the most fun taking children to the restroom I've ever had, and it gets done twice as fast. Added bonus.

So, give it a try. I usually recommend starting upon waking first thing in the morning. Right as the baby is just waking up, even if she is wet, you may want to try sitting her on the potty or standing to cue the baby. Ethan's current favorite circus trick is to stand on one leg while using the restroom. Quite a juggling act for mom but he loves it! Every baby is different and you may need to try different things that are age appropriate such as book reading or nursing to help them relax. A sense of humor and smile go a long way as you cue them with your sound of choice.

Again, I cannot emphasize enough that every mother, father, baby trio is different and everyone in the family needs to be comfortable, relaxed, and open to try new things. This works for restroom issues, feeding issues, and a host of other issues. Yet, we have found Elimination Communication to be a life-saving, cost-saving way of understanding the needs of our children and meeting those very basic human needs with respect and dignity.

We are very thankful for the ways our children have taught us to communicate and how God has led us on this adventure of meeting the needs of very young people!

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