Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Running History

As I was reading through various running blogs, I realized that what I really wanted to know was the particulars of the runners' histories. I am a numbers person, which is probably why distance running is so enticing to me. I like numbers alot. So, just for those who care about numbers (if you don't please disregard this post) here are a few of my running "numbers."

Most recent 5K (3.1 miles) 2009(6months post-baby Ethan) 24:22 mins
United Way 5K 2008 (12 weeks pregnant with Ethan) 26:25 mins
Brenden Krannitz Run 5K 2008 (Nathan 20 months) 21:56 mins
Violet Festival 5K (pushing a double jogger with both kids) 30.52 mins
Columbus Winter Run 2006 (6 weeks pregnant with Nathan) 24.58 mins
Baltimore 5K PR for not being pregnant! 21:22 mins

Football Hall of Fame 10K 6.2 miles 1998 when I was young! 51:12 mins

Clarion Half Marathon 13.1 miles (can't even remember the year!) 1:44:58 (1 hr 44 min 58 seconds)

Columbus Marathon 26.2 miles 2002 4:05:31 chip time
Columbus Marathon 26.2 miles 2003 3:47:24 chip time
*Missed Qualifying for the Boston Marathon by 7 mins!

While the numbers are fun, they are not the end. I truly have enjoyed these races. I run with different women, my college runningmate Joy, and my current running friends Teresa Thompson and Rachel Radcliffe. I am blessed and encouraged by these women. I believe that I am privileged to have run through each of my pregnancies and nursing experiences with little difficulties. Running has been a gift to me from my Lord, and I am truly thankful for each step.

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