Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Fishing Husband = Happy Running Wife

My Prince has returned and I could not be happier. After flying solo for 7 days, I am thrilled to have my Love back in his castle with me and the children again. And he brought me back real, fresh squeezed Florida orange juice, incredible pictures of palm trees, and of course a whole cooler full of wild boar meat. What woman doesn't love that? We ate some last night as fresh and free-range as you can get! Now that he is home, he has given me some incredible insight into how these things work. We were discussing the fact that we cannot always fit everything we want to do into our life. We must choose. He loves to hunt and fish but he also really enjoys mixed martial arts and triathlons. He has chosen what he loves the most. He very wisely encouraged me to choose what I love, running and writing. He is always so wise and balanced, while I tend to be crazy and over-committed to everything. We must simply choose what it is that is truly important, God first, then family, THEN our activities. This is a hard to balance and I still struggle but we at least have clarity enough to see what we need to try to do. And the journey of trusting God and finding this out is part of the point, I think.

How do you balance your spouse's and children's activities with your own?

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