Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nathan's first race

I must confess, Nathan's first race was fantastic. I had just run my first 5K after Ethan's birth and we were so excited we almost missed the start of the kids fun run.  We had practiced and practiced for this day with Nathan, who at the wise age of 3 years old realized the significance of his first race against - gasp - 5 year olds! He ran his little heart out but then couldn't find the finishline. Thankfully, he looked over at me, while I was running along side so that he could find the finish line and "win" against another little 3 year old, Sophie. Sweet Sophie is our little neighbor and she didn't know where the finish line was either. So they both finished strong at the end of the pack. But they finished, amongst laughter and a few tears (mine and Sophie's!).  It is an incredible joy to share what I love with my children....what God must think when we share what He loves like this....

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  1. Omigosh, I love that picture! Thank you so much for all you do.