Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adventures in restoring a duplex with three small children

Adventure is an understatement when describing life with my crew. I did not have any idea what I signed up for, I must confess. However, I would not trade it for any other life.  We starting restoring the other side of our duplex in March when in opened up to get it ready for another family to rent. We have been blessed to have it rented most of the 7 years we have lived here with only two different families. We know how blessed we are! And now we are restoring the rest of the worked that has needed done. Enter, Andrea, Nathan, and Ethan to the rescue! They have been amazing little troopers in helping us. Nathan has carried tools to Daddy. Andrea has helped take care of Ethan. Ethan has zipped through the downstairs in his walker at high, happy speeds while we work. And all three helped me antique the fireplace with no paint spilled. Actually, Ethan decided to nap and nurse while the rest of us painted (thank you Baby K'tan carrier for yet another activity made possible!). My amazing little 3 and 5 year olds have truly helped!  Then, they cried for three, no four, hours straight this morning because their whole routine has been off. I can completely understand!

In all the hustle and bustle, I have NOT started my training program I wanted for my 10K in June. I have not purchased the treadmill of my dreams with my carefully hoarded Christmas money. I have barely been able to enjoy the weather with Spring running. But I am learning from God to be patient.  My needs will be met eventually. I don't have to stomp and pout when I don't get my way (I see that daily...and I don't need to be an active party to the whinning). Oh, how God must feel when He asks me to be patient and I have to let go of my routine for a time to accomplish His plans for me!  Being a parent, as well as a runner, has given me a completely new perspective on the patience and long-suffering grace of God. And restoring a 100-year old duplex has as well. As I am scrubbing 100 year old dirt, I am thinking about the layers of "dirt" in my heart. And when I stand back and look at a beautiful project completed, I understand why all the hard work in my heart is worth it. 

What things has God taught and restored in you through parenting? I always love to hear more stories.....

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