Monday, June 28, 2010

Ethan is 13 months -Running, Teething, EC, and Routine Update

My baby is officially 13 months old and running fast! He has two older siblings to teach him but he is happy to chase everywhere. I think he has already logged a few baby marathons just in our backyard...

Since he is teething, he has changed many of his habits. He now is eating everything in sight. He only has 4 teeth but prefers real food. Not even mashed! Solid food as well as nursing is needed to fuel his never-quit engine. He doesn't sleep as well as he used to but with teeth the size of Texas I can't blame him. I still don't know how many times he is up or really what time it is because I got rid of the clock and I diberately don't count just for sanity's sake. I'm much better rested and so is he. I just respond to his needs and go right back to sleep. Much simplier. He does need to use the restroom more in the night and that is where Elimination Communication is key, only if I can lift my weary eyes to see he is try to help take himself to the potty.

So, all of his routine is some what changed. He is eating more, playing harder, and going through cloth diapers like crazy. Although, I have been busy and distracted with other needs and have relaxed my routine in taking him to the restroom. He has not liked that I have been distracted and has voiced his displeasure loudly. He literally screams at me and tries to knock down the gate at the stairs to take himself to use the restroom. Who can blame him? I wouldn't like it either if my care-giver was as slow as me to understand! He did, however, go potty for Daddy while I was running. Everyone was very proud at his accomplishment.

All we can do is try our best to understand what he is trying to communicate in these months when he is still pre-verbal. I think that God allows this time of human development for us to understand how much effort it takes to understand, communicate, and build a relationship with us. Amazing that God takes the time to understand and care for us, but I am glad He does!

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  1. If he is trying to knock down the gate on the stairs, might the next step be to teach him to climb up and down safely? He IS more than a year old. Have Nathan help teach him up and down safety. Just a thought.

    ps--great new Ethan pic