Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why My Sugar Allergy Probably Saved My Life

I remember the last piece of pie I had over a year ago - it is not a fond memory. The sub-par store bought pie was not worth the case of walking pneumonia, two doctors visits, and a missed road race. Very not worth it. But it has taken me a long road to realize that truly I have been addicted to sugar almost to the point of my own demise. I am an recovering addict. After reading Nancy Appleton's Suicide by Sugar and The Body Ecology by Donna Gates, I am convinced that I have been addicted to sugar is multiple forms that upsets the delicate balance of vitamins and minerals need to fuel my body. Hence, I am living sugar-free. I only can tolerate small amounts of stevia and some fruits. The funny thing is that I do not want sugar any more because it breaks down my immune system and steals my strength. I cannot afford that when I am chasing a dream of qualifying for Boston and living my dream of raising my running herd of children everyday. I need all the strength I can get. Especially because I am feeding my little athlete, Ethan, who needs my strength and nutrition as well. So in case it gives anyone else the chance to have a revelation of health, try giving up sugar for three days and see how you'll be amazed, and better for it I promise.

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