Monday, June 14, 2010

Why I Need to Run: A True Confession

Here is the confession: I am not a particularly good person. I am not patient with my precious cherubs. I feel overwhelmed by laundry, dishes, and other non-eternal things. I can't handle trip and fall hazards because I'm clumsy. My husband sweetly but honestly reminds me that I am NOT an easy-going person. My brother prefers "abrasive." My children frequently scream, just so all the neighbors can hear, "You're a bad mommy!" becuase I won't let them skydive off the stairs onto the couch. I'm too strict on certain things and not strict enough on others. I lack balance most days, although I continue to seek it. Which is why I run, fast and hard, whenever given the chance. And sometimes, I have been known to sneak in a sanity run without telling anyone that I did "that kind of running" in addition to running errands or going to the grocery. Just one mile sometimes is all I need to pray while I run and say, "Help me O God, for I am such a sinful woman!"

This all has convinced me of God's existence and His grace, since I am still running (and not struck by lightening as of yet) and since I feel better and am more like Him, even if only a little bit, when I'm done.

So there. That's my confession. Hope it helps some other sinful person like me. ~


  1. And fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you, my friend!

  2. This must be the week for confessions, as I made mine today on my blog. Sorry - how sweet it is to know that I am not alone in my humanness, and my sweet sister struggles as I do with living a godly life in front of her family. Thank you!