Monday, June 14, 2010


A Fading Wound (2000) from Growing Peace published at Geneva College

I like the place where the bruise becomes flesh
on my hip just below
my waist
on the edge.
I like the tender skin's color of purple, blues
surrounded by healing yellow
in a pattern of blood flows.
I like the small, quiet pain
because when I brush against it,
the sweet reminder of pain
whispers of the past, pain intense
and of the present, pain healed and
that I still live
with a soft, dark and fading wound.

Years ago I wrote (2010) Book of Our Beginnings (unpublished)

Years ago I wrote once of the beauty
of a bruise
on a woman's hip
and funny how I'm back here again
scribbing of bruises at 2 am
in the dimness
of the bathroom night light

Yet now, I am finding
I bruise much longer now, deeper
now that I have children.

As I hold their sweet bodies
next to mine, they
pull my strength -
all my healing
pours into them

Leaving my bruise
to remind me I am dust
giving life to dust.

Such is the privilege of a life-bearer
to work with God
so hard for that first, tiny gasp of breath
(and each one after)

This is our God-like task...

to be bruised
for others to live.

dedicated to Danielle and Beth, two incredible moms who make me want to be a better mother.

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  1. And you make me want to be a better writer. Selah.