Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon

The official results are in 1:51:29 which is 8:30 min miles approximately. I was 13th in my age group and 75 overall in women out of 445.  Considering I almost missed the whole thing (I got the time mixed up and missed the shuttle to the start!), I am pretty pleased with my time. It is not quite what I had wanted but the conditions were significantly hotter than I wanted. The last half was straight into the sun. No clouds, no shade, no good strong headwind. Nothing. It was rough. The race was well prepared with tons of water stops, so that was good. The clocks were all wrong along the course but I had my watch so I wasn't worried. The race was hard because of the relay. People were going on and off the course. It was really distruptive to me, but I tried to stay focused. I am pleased but cautious since it was slower than what I wanted going into training to Boston Qualify. I have a long, hard road ahead of me. It's alright, though, because my legs have not forgotten this distance and this time, I know that I do not run alone.The secret to running is truly belief. But not in ourselves as many running websites so audaciously state.  I have a stronger faith in Christ this time around, I think. And I know that when all my strength is gone, His strength is more than enough.  I can run my heart out completely knowing that my Savior holds me still.

Blessings to all who prayed. Thank you.

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  1. Wonderful. If you'd done it completely in your own strength without any difficult condition, would you have recognized yet again how the Lord provides all you need to run your race? :)

    Love the new photo; that you are all off center with the finish line in the background, and those around you at a different pace ... watch out, Boston, here they come! Love to you all.