Friday, February 11, 2011

Kefir Cottage Cheese Recipe

Kefir Cottage Cheese is the best! We eat it before we can even store any of it at a time.The best part is it is super easy. Think downright silly, easy. We use kefir grains that we bought from a gal near Springfield, but we are always happy to share some. You can also use a starter culture but I have not tried that yet. From what I've read the powder starter culture (available on Amazon) does take more time to build up volume. Kefir grains go faster, especially in a warm environment. The secret to good cottage cheese is to taste test. Leave the grains in a glass or metal bowl (no plastic) in a warm place. Our home in Ohio is cold right now so I leave it near a warm oven for about 12-24 hours. The cheese will form around the grains. Taste it. When the cheese is still creamy and a little sweet, drain the grains through a strainer. The liquid in the bowl under the strainer is called whey. Save it to soak grains. Spoon out the kefir grains into a new bowl - to make more, of course. Then, eat the cheese!!! We like it with fruit or just plain. The secret is to taste it first. If you leave it too long, the cheese will become tart. It is still good to eat, you just might need to dress it up a little more for your little runners to eat it.
Healthy snacking here we come!

*Hope that helps my sweet friends who have requested the recipe! What other recipes do you need or have to share? Healthy snacking is always important at our house full of little professional eaters.

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  1. Awesome! I always love to see the foods that people can make at home instead of buying the junk-laden store-bought versions. This looks great!