Friday, February 4, 2011

New Bizarre Weight-loss Practices

New Bizzare Weight-Loss Practices
My new exercise equipment!!!
 1. Grind Our Own Grain - Since last April my Little Big Guy developed chronic GI problems. His elimination patterns were less than stellar. Without describing all the sweet details, I will assure you he was in deep misery. I was a desperate crazy mother to help him. Enter the removal of wheat from his diet (and mine for other medical reasons). As a result of my I-will-do-anything-to-help-my-son attitude, I started hand grinding our own grains. Yes, you heard that right. Think Little House on the Prairie all the way. Stones and hand crank. It's call the Wonder Mill Deluxe. Bizarre I know, but as soon as we removed conventional wheat from Little Big Guy's diet, his symptoms were gone in 24 hours! We tested it again a couple weeks ago and allowed him wheat. You guessed it. Immediate misery again. So, he is able to have spelt (an older variety still in the wheat family), millett, amaranth, oats, barely, and coconut flour. I have not lost a ton of weight by switching grains but I have lost an outy-belly button. Worth it? Enough said.

Now for the real cross-training part for me. The cranking! While I was still learning, I took approximately all of two days cranking to do our flour for a week. Yes, I was sweating in our January kitchen so much I had to crank in my tank top...yikes! I count it as cross-training. I've figured out the settings and now grind our grain once a week. With tons of interruptions it takes 30-60 minutes. My arms burn and shake. No wonder those pioneer women were tough!

2.Buy in Bulk-Then Haul Buckets up and down steps daily

This is one of our 12 buckets (5 gallon size) in which we keep dried goods. I keep them in the basement and then refill our half-gallon jars I use daily. I buy 25 to 50 lb's at a time. You laugh but the weight-training aspect of this is substantial.
Here's how it works: I pick up the bags at the store (with or without 20 lb toddler strapped to me!). Into the cart they go! Then checkout, into the van, out of the van into the house, down the basement, then back to the kitchen to refill buckets, then back to the basement, then up and down to refill jars. WHEEEW!!! I think I must have lost weight doing this. Certainly, crazy, you say? Sure sounds like it after I re-read it!
Who does this??

3.Get Nasty Virus and Nurse Sick Toddler (Continue for 24 Hrs X 3-5 days)
This is the current most effective but not recommended for weight-loss. We are recovering from our worst this year and Littlest Runner has had it rough. We take the slow road with weaning for times like these to help build his immune system. Yes, it takes its toll on me. Yet, contrary to feminist writings, natural feeding my son is not oppressive to me. It is my choice. This is what I train for - long nights of meeting needs, and caring for sick kids requires physical stamina. Honestly, I felt better after running a marathon. This was MUCH harder. Life just is. Which is why I run.
Please avoid the virus portion of this weight-loss option at all costs! Natural feeding of children, I highly recommend. I have been naturally feeding or nursing a child (or two) for the last 7 1/2 years with only two small breaks (equals anout 6 months but I was pregnant so still technically feeding a small person).  I'm happier with that accomplishment than any running time or career award. I'm truly blessed.

So between all these crazy real life weight-loss options, I've finally lost my post-marathon mush. And, in light of all this, it is rather low priority anyway. I'm just thankful for getting healthy food into getting-healthy kids.

How are you keeping your family fed with healthy food and staying active this winter?

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