Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raising kids: Seasons of Quiet

Our household is blessed with children; it is also blessed with noise. As it is 11:30 pm, the noise has finally calmed down. My three year old noise maker fell asleep tonight with his arm tightly holding my neck and the sweet smell of playdough and chocolate (coconut milk!) ice cream on his cheeks. So many loud and important messes he has accomplished today!

In these quiet moments, Jesus has put on my heart his call to quietness and I wonder if any other parents have felt this need to be immersed in the quietness of God. I know that in the Bible, Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist hid herself for 5 months when she was pregnant. I think my intense desire for quietness began during Ethan's pregnancy, and I wonder if it has something to do with the huge volume of words that I deal with in a day. However, I think the drive for solitude grows from the Holy Spirit's call to come closer and to sit at the feet of the Savior as Mary did.

So..... I've cancelled out of meetings. I've not answered the phone very much. I enjoy quiet moments even when the external volume is loud (Nathan loves Keith Urban loud - Andrea loves classical musical i.e. 1812 overture - think fireworks!).

But Jesus keeps putting on my heart to STOP talking. To have a quietness of the soul. I've said alot of stupid things lately and so the command to stop talking seems like a mighty good idea. And the quietness of soul - refreshing.

I've been reading Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline. Clear, simple, freeing. Christ's love is like that, I think. If we could just get past ourselves, our culture, our government, our media, even our church and family. Clear, simple, and freeing. My Savior's love for me....

Anyone else feel this drive to quietness? Whisper a quiet yes?!

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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth! Beautifully written and really spoke to me! Love ya :)