Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting Rid of Stuff:How it can Help Prevent Injuries

Please learn from my mistakes. I have had far too much stuff and tend to stash things in out of reach places just to get it out of the reach of a grabby child. This is my incredible, beautiful, youngest grabby child, Ethan, who loves anything dangerous. He frequently grabs knives, scissors, and large 2X4 boards. That's the one that got me. I tried to hide the 2X4 from his sweet, grabby hands on the top shelf of my already over-stuffed but mostly organized closet. Yup, you guessed it. The next time I opened the door it fell squarely on the foot that I had a stress fracture in two summers ago. Yes, I did indeed booby-trap myself. And it cost my running dearly. So, like a woman on a mission, I have gotten rid of more accumulated stuff. We are proudly NOT the owners of 45 black 30 gallon trash bags and boxes of stuff since January 2010.  I know the volunteers at the local Catholic charity run when they see my van coming (to get away so they won't have to help me unload...does this count as cross-training?). In my effort to simplify and live frugally, I am now protecting my running addiction from injury. No more injuries due to falling objects. Hooray! Rejoice with my that I can now safely open my closet and I will not be limping on my next run!

How have you simplified in order to run lately?

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