Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kefir Kit Give-away

We are please to introduce our new pets, Kefir mircroflora. Homeschool Kindergarten has never been so much fun!  Now living in our cupboard are millions of micro-organisms that make delicious kefir everyday for us. The best part is that they take very little work from me, which is very good considering my track record with house plants.  The children remind me to "feed" the Kefir grains every morning and we drink the kefir after scooping the grains into a clean jar. Two jars, one spoon, and whole, non-homogenized milk are all you need.

Pretty easy and cheap considering a quart of Kefir store bought cost $4.49 a quart.  I can make my own, which tastes better and counts as an on-going science experiment, for $1.70 a quart (or less if I use local, Amish cow's milk). I'm all about keeping things simple and saving money. An even added bonus is the immune system building impact that Kefir has on the body. It is building the inner ecosystems of my little runners and of mine as well. I have always struggled with frequent illness. Amazing since I started Kefir, I have not had near as many colds and the duration and intensity of illness was significantly reduced. When I am nursing a baby and running long distances, I am easily run down. Staying healthy means I can take care of my family and I can run! Also, since Ethan was severely dairy-intolerant, this was the only kind of dairy that he could handle. See The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates for more information on Kefir and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon has a lovely Kefir recipe.

How to get started:
We got our Kefir "pets" from Marilyn Jarzembski at She is a wealth of information.
We use milk from Snowville Creamery a local dairy here in southern Ohio available at Giant Eagle and Whole Foods market.
We use dollar store glass jars and a spoon.

Warnings: They multiple! That's not really a problem except you will need to put some in the frig or freezer every so often to keep the same about of kefir. You can always share them or even eat them (very odd texture though).

I will be giving away a free starter kit including all the materials, Kefir grains, and a packet of information with recipes galore. Please just respond in the comment section that you would like to try kefir and if you have any questions about it. You can enter more than once by sharing the article on your facebook. The winner will be posted on August 6. I'm so excited to share this yummy, healthy food with you!

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