Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rice Cakes Receipe Sugar-free, Corn-free, Wheat-free, Dairy-free and Still YUMMY

Rice Cakes

I hesitate to write a recipe but after multiple requests, here it is.

3 cups of brown rice cooked (I used Jasmine but any brown rice will do, avoid white)
3 cups Spelt flour (available at Jo-Ads market McConnelsville)
1/2 can coconut whole milk (we like Whole Foods market 365 brand Organic the best)
3 farm fresh eggs
8 tiny drops of stevia liquid (optional)
about 1 cup of water to the consistency that you like
(if you don't have a problem with corn you can add aluminum-free baking soda which still has cornstarch in it but will make fluffier pancakes, we do fine without it).
dash of salt

Mix well and cook on cast iron griddle with organic expeller-pressed unrefined coconut oil (www.mountainroseherbs.com) over medium- low heat.

Serve with fresh blueberries (frozen works too).

We cook up the whole batch and then the next morning crumble them cold as breakfast cereal (since we are a processed-cereal free household also...it's a long story...)
cover with coconut milk or if dairy is o.k. we recommend Snowville Creamery's real whipping cream available here at Giant Eagle. Too delicious! Hope you enjoy!

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