Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paper or Plastic? Neither Stainless Steel Please

Our dinner times often resemble an elementary school food fight now that Ethan is serving himself his delicious meals. Since he has a tendency to do the window wiper dance move with his arms when he is done, he needs non-breakable dishes. I have recently been on the hunt for good children's plates and bowls. Truth is, I am also the clumsy one, which is secretly a real reason I'm a runner. I am very clumsy. Shhh, don't tell.

So I was thrilled when I found www.lifewithoutplastic.com and children's dishes. They are a little pricy but I ordered one set to see how quality they were after my plastic ones were pealing (not good) from the dishwasher. We also watched a documentary called The Disappearing Male by the Canadian BBC. It discusses the poisonous impact of plastic. After that, I was on the research trail for stainless steel bowls as an option. It is fantastic! We love it for everyday dishes for the children. We have cups, bowls, plates, and tiny silverware (from Kohls). And I figured the cost would be made up in 5 months if I gave up paper producs like paper towls, paper plates, and plastic silverware. I am happy to report that we are a paper product free functioning kitchen, and I love it. We do have some paper products for emergencies when Mommy is sick and the kitchen closes down, but other than that we are plastic and paper free. This is too much fun!

Any other ideas on simplifying the kitchen are always appreciated....as runners we are also always eating! What has helped your family save money and be a conservationists instead of consumers?

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  1. Cool Plates! We have used non-paper products for years. Can't stand paper plates and cups. In fact I remember a time we took the kids (they were little) to someone's house for dinner and they asked where the napkins were (perfectly good paper ones on the table) because we only use cloth napkins. Hmm... didn't you (or maybe Mary) buy us cloth napkins from your mission trip?

    In the move someone gave us a whole "set" of paper products to use, little did they know that we would pack the dishes LAST!

    I even use washable dishes when I take the Girl Scouts camping - not only does it encourage working together to wash the dishes but it saves the environment from excessive trash (we do, however, use paper napkins on the campouts).