Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Post-Marathon Mush

(Warning: This my own letter to my own mushiness, you may not want to read it.)

Dear Post-Marathon Mush,

I am very embarrassed that you've become so attached to me, you pesky extra pounds you! When I am running an insane number of miles, while naturally feeding my young son, I can eat everything in sight without worrying about you sneaking up on me. However, since eating is such a hard habit to change, when I slowed down, you caught up! So this is your eviction notice.  You are unwelcome, you mushiness where muscle used to dwell. You've got to go - no more mush for me!

Your sweet poetic demise is that you will be happily strewn upon mile after lonely, cold country mile like wilted wild flowers.

Your former home,

PS - I am running towards a marathon again!

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