Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 14 to Half-Marathon: Boogers and Zero-degree weather

Everyone gets a cold. Children get sick. I understand this; it builds the immune system. My question is why am I the only one who doesn’t get to sleep? Why am I the one that, in the night, they wipe their sweet, snotty noses on? And then it dries? By morning, I am completely covered in all sorts of bodily fluids and sleeping, somewhat sleeping children piled all over me so that I am NOT sleeping. Aaahh, yes. That’s right. Because I’m the mommy and that’s what mommies do. True.

Thankfully they are still playing together

Sick and barely keeping her eyes open but still building log cabins. Love Little House on the Prairie unit in homeschool kindergarten!

Little Man's rash that keeps disappearing just in time for Daddy to come home so I took a picture for evidence. Plus, Little Man's got boogers, molars, eye teeth, a bruised cheek and skinned nose (thanks Big Brother).

Then, I need to get up on run or bike or something productive after such a night just so that we can start it all over again when the sun goes down. Such is the life of a running mother. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier. Though, I did decide to sit and eat millet bread (my sugar-free cake with just a splash of clover honey in it) instead of trying to push out a speed work out at 8 pm. Forgive me, it was too good with the real whipping cream and a great conversation with my husband. I couldn’t resist and I will keep up the training later. I swapped my rest day from Saturday to Wednesday. It totally is out of sinc with the training schedule, but then, life happens and running will always be there after I shower and get all the, well, stuff off of me. Then, I will proceed to be extremely hot and dripping on my new treadmill while it is below zero outside my kitchen window. Again, surreal but necessary. The half-marathon is 14 weeks away and I know it is only a means to an end. I want to do Columbus again so badly that October cannot come fast enough. What month is it? January?
 How are you keeping your little runners healthy this winter? And training still?

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