Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 5 Funny Reasons You Should Run in Cold Weather

You may be surprised to find there are unique advantages to running in sub-freezing weather and blizzards of snow.  After poling my local panel of experts, oh wait, you say, no one else is that crazy (stupid )? You're right, no on else in my whole city, county...o.k. state is willing to run on a day like today. This is purely my own opinions after a lovely, long, freezing run in ice and snow. Here goes in descending order of funniness....

5. No one is walking their rabid, fluffy excuse-for-a-dog without a lease (it would freeze!)
4. All the trash is covered by snow so we're not tempted to try to recycle it all.
3. Your upper lip will freeze like mine so it is either a snarl or a smile depending on perception and no one is out anyway so no need to pretend to be polite.
2. If you're thirsty or break an ankle so you must recline in a comfy snow bank, you can always eat snow.
1. Frozen road kill doesn't stink!

How's your winter exercise plan going? Happy freezing's worth every step

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