Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year A New Day Running

New Year...A New Day to Run

We all have enjoyed the holidays, the family, food, and fun of the season. Then, we enjoy making new resolutions. My funny resolutions are to compost consistently and take shorter showers. After only taking a bucket of cold water in India many years ago, I feel I'm uniquely blessed to have relatively unlimited hot water.  I promise you I'll try to keep it to 5 mins or less. My serious resolutions include being a more patient parent, giving my children more of my best even when I'm blitzed tired from all night molar sessions with littlest runner, and being more serious about sharing stuff I do not want to share. I speak that 1,000 times per day and it does get rather convicting!

Running Resolutions are always fun and serious at the same time. My amazing hubby decided that in addition to lifting a mere 3,000 to 5,000 pounds per day at his job, he is going to run the warrior dash ( with my younger brother and his girlfriend.  Even with intense taunting (I think my brother had the audacity to use the word "chicken"), I am not interested in running through fire. However, it does sound cool to watch and I am making sure that all wills and life insurance are up to date.  Kurt can have the mud and obstacles of the warrior dash. I have opted for a different goal of a half-marathon. I must confess I absolutely adore that distance. SO...I already registered for the Capital City Half-Marathon ( on May 7th. They even have a kids fun run! Kurt's going to do the 5K that goes along with it so that we can have family running day. Then, my next goal is the Columbus Marathon again in October to try again to reach a Boston Qualifying time of 3 hrs 40 mins. I missed it by 5 mins, but I cannot complain since I trained for only 6 weeks and it had been 7 years since I run my previous marathon. You know how enticing vindication can be! I cannot resist another shot!

So, what are your running goals? Are you going to make this year the year you start running? Maybe a first 5K? Or maybe you will try a half or even a full marathon for the first time. I promise everyone will cheer you on...just let me know what race. I'll come yell for you the loudest! It's all about one foot in front of the other! Tell me, what's your New Year's Running Resolutions?

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