Monday, October 11, 2010

Sugar-Free Pudding

Sugar-free living* is close to my heart because as a runner, it means that my immune system is able to handle intense training. As a mother, the same is true and we are always battling bad boogies as their little immune systems are just getting started. This is our latest yummy recipe that we had for lunch today.

2 cups cooked millet (oatmeal, amaranth may be used instead)
2 cups frozen strawberries (fresh is always better but frozen is fine)
4-5 dates or 2 med bananas
1 cup cashews (raw if possible, if salted rinse off the salt)
1/2 cup kefir, plain no-sugar added whole milk yogurt or other probiotics
1 tablespoon flax oil

Blend until smooth adding either water or coconut milk to make it work. A dash of honey is o.k., very small though.  Chill and serve (or if your house is like mine, eat it right out of the blender!).

*Sugar-free being free of white sugar or organic cane sugar or any of the weird substitues that still constiute sugar. Honey does have good qualities but only is very small amounts. Dates and bananas do have natural sugar in them but again in moderation for healthy people as an alternative to refined sugar, they provide a good transition point.

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