Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I Homeschool My Three Young Runners

A math project that got a little out of hand!

Some days are better than others. Today, I was reminded why I home school my little fast young ones. It really comes back to one simple word. Time. 

Time with my children is how they spell love. Time is how I get to know them. Time is how I can teach them things that I never without God none of this life will ever make sense.  Only with God, does running contain meaning. Only with Christ's sacrifice is the problem of sin completely addressed with justice. All the things that it has taken me so many long hard roads to learn, I am able to talk about with my children during normal, everyday life. Time.

And, there are days where they spread five hundred clothes pins around the house and then take them all apart. There are days where no one will do phonics. But there are days where they will do five pages of math and suddenly read chapter books when I did not know they could. The point is I want to be here for both, giving them the best of me.....simply my time.

The icing on the cake of homeschooling has been our outdoor learning time each day. We are doing wind sprints and practicing Andrea almost legitimately beat me. Her legs have grown so long. They have their kids fun run with the United Way 5K on Saturday.  I cannot wait. The only thing better than racing is watching my children race. This is truly precious time....

What are some of the precious times with your young ones? I always love to hear stories....

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