Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Joys of Having One Vehicle: Ethan is back in the Jogger Stroller!

For multiple reasons, we are the proud owners of only one vehicle, a 2001 Honda Odessey. Don't laugh, it's paid for. And for some unknown reason, my beloved little future runner decided that this Spring he didn't like the jogger stroller. I tried everything and somehow he forgot how much fun it is to ride in, which makes it difficult since that is our primary mode of transportation these days. Wonder how much our carbon imprint has been lowered since we started our one vehicle experiement last Novemeber? Now, I love carrying Ethan in the Baby K'tan ( but when I'm hiking 2 miles to the bank pushing my other two little runners who weigh forty pounds, I do get a little winded.  So, today I decided to work with him again.

The amazing factor that I hadn't considered before was the importance of seeing "big brother" Nathan next to him. I pushed the cover down. I also whistled for three blocks. Novelty. I had never considered which was harder, carrying and pushing three children or whistling while pushing two with Andrea was walking. The water meter man got a kick out of it. I didn't stop to explain for fear Ethan would scream again. God's grace rained down upon us, and Ethan made it all the way two miles to the post office to mail our taxes and almost home (he was tired and hungry). I must say the Baby K'tan rescued me again as I nursed him while covered and pushed the other two in the jogger. The neighborhood enjoys our antics as cheap entertainment. People serious laugh out loud. I hold my head high and smile like I'm a movie star waving to her fans!

Now Ethan likes the jogger again, and I received the gift of a 20 minute run from my dear friend Cristy all in the same day.  There is no price tag that can be placed on a 2 mile out and back along Lancaster's breathtaking bike path, covered bridge, and rippling Little Hocking. I am truly blessed and I needed it as we haven't slept in a very long time due to teething.....I've been reading Psalm 119 lately which has been very encouraging for long days and night. "I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free." Psalm 119:32

What has encouraged you as you run the race set before you?

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