Friday, April 16, 2010

Nathan's Busy Day

Only a parent of a three year old (or former three year old) can appreciate the energy God bundled in that little body. Andrea, my five year old, is energetic too but just doesn't have the same temperment, thankfully! And Ethan is beginning his share of mess / adventures. But my Nathan is a very busy man. Here is the low-down on one particular not-so-unsual day.

Nathan today accomplished:
-reading real and important words "fin, fish, bass, gill"
-doing real Kindergarten work
-trying to lick sticky-tac which he had taken from the back of all the maps and ABC posters in the school room.
-sucessfully licked Daddy, much to Daddy's displeasure
-followed instructions perfectly while helping Mommy paint on the rental side of our duplex
-soiled his pants even though he has been in big boy pants for over a year and a half
-bit his sister
-was gentle and protected his little brother from getting run over by the rocking horse that Nathan was riding
-carved a block of cheese with a butter knife while Uncle Jonathon was here and announced "cheese festival!"
-drew a picture of a slingshot
-tried to splash water on our neighbor
-drew the shape of Ohio, unprovoked and unaided
-changed clothes three times
-jumped in the pack n play at least 100 times head first!
-tried to steal his sister's vitamins
-used the fore-mentioned sticky-tac to make boogers and you-know-what on his sister's Barbie princesses
-played boat on our sofa
-listened to a chapter book with almost no pictures patiently
-finally fell asleep talking about which number is the biggest and when he can go to 1st grade before Andrea.

He is fast, fierce, loving, and aggressive. I always wanted a little boy just like him. I am a blessed momma. Like Mark Twain's mother, I think I'll have a lot of trouble with him, but I will definitely enjoy it!

What have your little ones done recently, fun or otherwise?

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