Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The "My Favorite Thing About Daddy" Game

For Father's Day at our house, we made cards and sent Daddy fishing. He also got a much deserved nap with Ethan which benefited the whole family. But our favorite part of the day was after Sunday lunch of his own deer roast, we played the "My Favorite Thing About Daddy Game." We went around the table and told Kurt all of our favorite things about him.

Nathan, "I love working outisde with you, Daddy."

Andrea, "I love going on Daddy-daughter dates with you, Daddy!"

Ethan, "BaaBaaahhh" Which means I always prefer Daddy and I want to take a nap with Daddy."

Mommy, "I love how patient, strong, and giving you are."

I am so thankful for a husband who believes that his highest calling is to a father to our children. He gives me and our children his very best, before his career or other people. We are richly blessed for it.

PS. Dear Kurt, thank you for the lovely fish dinner you caught, and the extra long nap with Ethan so that I could run. You're amazing. I love you. Elizabeth

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